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Monday, November 18, 2013


SEEOA General Assembly delegates and observers

It is my great honour to meet you in Serbia at this historic moment for orienteering sport in the region of  South East Europe. At the same time, it is my  pleasure to cooperate with you, building up together a better future for the orienteering sport in our countries, as well as to contribute for wider development in the world. Thank you for that opportunity!”
These was the words by Zoran Milovanovic (SRB), new President of South East European Orienteering Association, with which he welcomed all the guests, delegates, observers and media representatives during the General Assembly meeting of  SEEOA, took place in Belgrade, Serbia at 16th November 2013.
General Assembly elected Tatiana Kalenderoglu (TUR) and Damir Gobec (CRO) for Vice Presidents, and also the Council members: Antonina Voitenko (MDA),  Konstantinos Koukouris (GRE), Ionut Patras (ROU), Tekin Colakoglu (TUR), Riste Kirov (MKD), and one more member will be elected from Bulgaria.
It was a long, but very productive way, continued President Milovanovic, since our first meeting in Dospat, Bulgaria at 16th February 2008. up to now. From the small working group in the start with just three countries, now we grow up to more then 12 countries from the region of South East Europe. It is a pleasure to see with us and to have partners in the future from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey and Serbia.
Today we gathered all here to express our wish to do it even more then before, and to make our work in a more efficient way, ready to accept new challenges.  One of them most important, will be for sure, our dedicated work in a field with young people. This is something what we want to start and support in a work with our Association. To fulfil that aim, we will try to activate all our capacities, and further more, to engage all possible partners, governmental and non governmental institutions and organizations, natural partners in the field of sport, health, education and youth cooperation. Your truly contributions in this work will be a proof for a common success – orienteering sport in the region recognized at the highest level then ever before.
SEEOA Developing seminar participants and leaders
 During three days stay in Belgrade, parallel with the Congress, it was held development seminar with a subject: “Towards better quality of South East European Orienteering Championships”. Seminar leaders Damir Gobec, Tatiana Kalenderoglu and Zoran Milovanovic had opportunity to share latest information and experience with 12 participants of this developing seminar.
Next meeting as well as developing seminar, will be held in Montenegro, Cetinje, 14 to 16th March 2014.

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