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Friday, October 9, 2015

Sprint and Urban mapping seminar in Sofia

In accordance with a plans of SEEOA (South East European Orienteering Association) and IOF, from 15 to 18th October 2015 in Bulgaria, Sofia, will be held developing seminar: Mapping and printing sprint and urban orienteering maps.
Experienced tutors (Valentin Garkov, Dragan Nikolic, Petar Doganov and Guven Solmaz) from our region, have a pleasure to host 11 participants from Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia.
During 4 days period they will learn a lot about mapping, and they will have a chance to try field work as well.
For some of the countries these participants will be first orienteering map makers, so its very important for our sport.
Thanks to IOF for supporting, and to all tutors for their efforts to prepared nice seminar.
Welcome to Sofia!


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